Addams Family Values, The


Inspired by the 1993 movie, The Addams Family Values is an overhead adventure game similar to The Adventures of Zelda. The game has the player take control of Uncle Fester as he searches for Baby Pubert through forests, gardens, swamps, and dungeons.

During your wanderings, you’ll bump into other members of the Addams family as well as other characters that will interact with Fester and give you information that is usually helpful. At times, these exchanges are rather funny as they are truly in character. Uncle Fester must also deal with multiple enemies during his exploration and search for Baby Pubert. Some of these include skeletons, trolls, floating eyeballs, moving plants, and hopping mushrooms. Some of these can be a bit annoying to deal with. Fester is not entirely defenceless as he can shoot lighting bolts form his hands. The problem is that these have a limited range and that range becomes even more limited when he is “injured” due to enemy attacks. The other problem is that you can’t aim very well with the lightning, so that makes it a bit frustrating when dealing with adversaries. The graphics of the game are rather nice, however. The graveyard, gardens, and dungeons look particularly good and convey the proper macabre environment rather well. The characters also look pretty good and are easy to recognize. The Addams Family Values uses a password system (though these are not given often) and it has unlimited continues to help the player complete the game. Unfortunately, I must say that I found the game rather boring and not particularly fun.


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