The Story of the C64 in Pixels: Book Review.

The story of the Commodore 64 in pixels, is another title in a long line of retro related books from Retro Fusion mastermind Chris Wilkins, this time it’s a trip down memory lane for us C64 and retro gaming enthusiasts.

As usual the quality of the book and its binding is very good and the cover has a lovely embossed logos across the front, in all there are 260 odd pages covering games, music, interviews and so on. The book begins with a brief history of Commodore, penned by Roger Kean, including the back-story of its founder, Jack Tramiel and much more besides. What I would say is most seasoned C64 fans will know most of this information but its  fascinating to read these stories from other people’s perspectives.  Finally there is a few pages dedicated to the various C64 models that dotted the computing landscape back in the day, including the Commodore PET, VIC-20, and the 128 models.

The next section is all about the games, with 70 games being covered in total, each is given a two-page spread that includes screenshots, boxart, year published, publisher name, and author. Some of my favorites like Platoon from Ocean, Uridium from Hewson and Thing on a Spring from Gremlin. Most are instantly recognisable and rekindle many fond memories, what is a surprise to me is that Chris managed to include some titles I’d never seen before.

In The Memoirs, its a roundup of 8-bit legends. Andrew Hewson, The Oliver Twins, Simon Butler, Ben Daglish, Jon Hare, Gary Penn, Paul Docherty and many more. For me this is possibly the biggest reason I love these books as I do, just gives it that special individual touch many other books can’t replicate.

Another fantastically simple book for the retro mad people that we all are.

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  • 7/10
    RVG Rating - 7/10


Another fantasticly simple book for the retro mad people that we all are.


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