RVG Halloween Game Review Season.

So its October and its time for the RVG Halloween Game Review Season, it’s the time of the year where we get to be scared by all sorts of weird and wonderful things, we thought to ourselves why don’t we do a bunch of reviews for you lovely lot to read and perhaps go and play just to scare yourself that little bit more.

The first couple of reviews are live now, you can use the tag system on here to view them Halloween or on twitter using hashtag #rvghalloween, we will be adding a few reviews daily, we hope you enjoy this feature, once halloween has passed we will collate all of these reviews into a special page for you to easily revisit.

Thanks again for supporting RVG.


TrekMD is an MD by day and a writer by night, a lover of all things Atari. You can visit his ramblings  on Twitter at: twitter.com/TrekMD

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