Retrospective: The RVG Squad

The RVG Squad was formed due to the ever growing retrodev scene, new games for old systems are released daily it seems, what we discovered over the past couple of years was the growing interest in new games for our favourite retro computers and consoles, through our interviews both here and over on HBL. We soon discovered a need for a developer group that catered for a broader range of systems, this in turn lead us to discovering a need for a group where people who want to learn more but get put off by the seemingly high pressures of joining some groups, we felt we could offer something new for this also, we know we can’t and won’t appeal to everyone but we hope you at least have an interest in what we are trying to achieve and give a moment of your time and help spread the word.

So, what is The RVG Squad?

The RVG Squad is a group of likeminded game creators, members that want the comfort of being part of a group but minus the pressure that some would place upon game creation. Our motto is purely “Come for the Game Creation, Stay for the Friends”. We have already formed a place on our forums for the “Squad” to get to know each other, discuss ideas, share resources, plan game creation and much more.

The beauty about what we are doing is we are more than happy for you to belong to other groups, what we are offering is a chillout zone, we would love to publish games on the Bitmap Soft label but The RVG Squad is independent so we can release with anyone, of course we may never release anything because ultimately this is about building likeminded friendships.

The RVG Squad was born from our love of that iconic British Software House, The Hit Squad, we based our logo loosely on that famous image that adorned so many classic games back in the 80’s.

Our aim is simple, we want to build a friendly group of people, all skill levels are welcome, no matter what your background is, if you’re interested in this idea then get in touch.

Follow us here on Twitter and if your really interested, Register HERE and introduce yourself asking for access to The RVG Squad area,


Retro head and key holder of RVG.

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