Retro Nerve Games Teases, Kung Fu UFO Boxart.

The Homebrew Scene is currently seeing some fantastic new games coming to the Megadrive/Genesis, games like Xeno Crisis, Tanglewood, Paprium, TanzerCrypt of Dracula and now Kung Fu UFO a game by Retro Nerve Games. Our sister site covered the developers in an interview that you can read HERE and view some more info about this amazing looking game.

Today we get a chance to show you some early Boxart and cartridge illustrations, these may not represent the final product but wow how stunning do these look?


Sega Megadrive box and cartridge.


Genesis Cover and Cartridge.

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Proposed Box Art Design

Thanks again to the guys at Retro Nerve Games for sharing this info with RVG, we will of cause keep you updated of all future developments of this awesome looking game.

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