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Kenz reached out and told us things have been somewhat hectic at the Psytronik HQ recently.  Due to the unprecented demand for the new Collector’s Edition Box sets the online store had to be closed for a few weeks in order for Psytronik to process the hundreds of outstanding orders! The batches of shiny boxes were literally selling out as soon as they were added to the store which is very encouraging news as it shows there’s still a lot of life and interest in the C64 commercial scene.

And talking of which, here’s what new C64 releases are lined up for release from Psytronik early in 2019:-

Mars by Sputnik World

Mars (Sputnik World) – Here’s your chance to take part in a mission to Mars! In this detailed simulator your must issue commands to your crew, choose provisions and proceed with your mission from the International Space Station, destination MARS!






Precinct 20 – Dead Strange (Alf Yngve) – Based on his book by the same name you play the role of Detective Innis Garris, homicide squad. You must investigate a string of ritual murders carried out by the ‘Sons of Albhukra’ cult. There are rumours that these killers may not even be human! Prepare to take a walk on the weird side in the atmospheric murder mystery arcade adventure.




Hammer Down (Cosine) – This homage to budget classics like Action Biker and The Last V8 has been on the back-burner for a while due to problems with mastering the game to tape. The good news is these problems have now been resolved and this nifty release will finally see the light of day early in 2019.





L’Abbaye Des Morts (Antonio Savona) – Psytronik will be handling the tape release of this fabulous arcade adventure from Antonio Savona (Planet Golf). Originally released by Locomalito for the PC, this ZX Spectrum styled game has since been converted to the actual ZX Spectrum and now the C64 (with many improvements over the Spectrum version!) The game will also be released on C64 cartridge and disk by Double-Sided early in 2019.



Coffee Break Shootout / Total Refill Twin Pack – A fun twin-pack of games from Stephan Kattender with music by Saul Cross. The first game in the pack is ‘Coffee Break Shootout’, a ‘Duck Hunt’ style game which sees you blasting gorgeously animated birds with your cross-hair sight (and it even has mouse support!) The second game is ‘Total Refill’, a ‘Tapper’ style game with fun cartoony graphics in which you must keep the patrons of your bar happy by giving them plenty of beer!

Outrage (Cosmos Designs) – Another game that has been languishing in development hell for quite a few years now. The good news is progress has been made with finalizing the code for this game, a quality loading screen has been produced by Steve ‘STE’ Day and Trevor ‘Smila’ Storey has produced some superb artwork for the glossy box set release that will happen at some point in the future!

Mayhem in Monsterland (Apex Productions) – To celebrate 25 years since Mayhem burst onto the C64 scene Psytronik has put together a stunning new box set crammed with goodies and collectibles for Mayhem fans. The glossy box has been specially designed to match the boxes Thalamus used for the disk versions of Creatures & Creatures 2 so at long last you can display the three games together on your shelf with matching packaging! The box set contains the game on floppy disk, a full colour instruction manual, Mayhem pin badges, stickers, art card, keyring & a brilliant soundtrack CD containing the music from the game along with other classic C64 tunes by Steve Rowlands. And that’s not all! You also get an A3 hypergloss Mayhem poster and a double-sided fully annotated map detailing all 5 levels from the game (happy & sad modes included!)

Holcan – Warrior of the sun (Trevor Storey, Stuart Collier) – ** BREAKING NEWS! ** Hot off the Psytronik press comes news of a graphically stunning isometric arcade adventure that is now in development for the C64. Inspired by the isometric style of the famous ‘Last Ninja’ games (but NOT using any code from those games!) Holcan will be a multi-level exploration adventure featuring puzzles, traps and enemies to defeat. Work has only just started on this release but so far there is a lot of interest in the game which will definitely be released as a Psytronik Collector’s Edition when it is ready. Also, Richard Bayliss has been brought on board to provide soundtracks for the game. Hopefully these will be in a smiliar style to the amazing Matt Gray / Tusker style soundtracks he composed for the Last Amazon Trilogy (also released by Psytronik).

Pets Rescue (Boyknecht) – And one final tidbit of news from the Psytronik HQ. The marvellous platform game ‘Pets Rescue’ for the Commodore Plus/4 and Expanded C16 is due for a commercial release early in 2019. The box art has now been produced and as soon as all the other box set contents are ready the game will be added to the Psytronik store.

Keep an eye on for more info on these new releases.


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