New GameBoy Homebrew - Sheep Leap

Started by TrekMD, April 21, 2019, 21:28:12 PM

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NA member joshf has released a new homebrew title for the Nintendo GameBoy called Sheep Leap!  In this game you play as firefighters catching jumping sheep from a burning building. As you play your firefighter's speed will increase and fire will drop from the building windows. As your score goes up your lives can increase and your speed can decrease. Below you’ll find screenshots, a link to the GB ROM, and Controls.

Title Screen
  START: Begin Game
  SELECT x 5:  Reset High Score

  A: Make a sheep jump out of window
  B: Make firefighters jump

Game Over
  A: To title


How to play the ROM

This game is playable on and was developed using the BGB emulator ( but should work on most Game Boy emulators. This game was tested to work on Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, and Super Game Boy hardware using a Game Boy Everdrive.

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Awesome news.

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