New Atari Lynx Homebrew - Eggsavier's Cackleberry Rescue

Started by TrekMD, April 21, 2019, 21:15:19 PM

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AA member necrocia has released a new Easter themed game for the Atari Lynx called Eggsavier's Cackleberry Rescue.  This is a LCD style game in the theme of the famous Game and Watch type consoles. There is a little bit of colour and music thrown in on the title screen but once you get to the game itself, it's very reminiscent of these old style LCD consoles!

You can play it online via the Atari Lynx emulator here

...or download the ROM here

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This is super cool and looks good too.

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The game has simple gameplay but it is fun and addicting!

Going to the final frontier, gaming...