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Best Demakes?
« on: April 07, 2018, 06:41:45 AM »
Over the years there has been loads of what we call classic games.  Games that define a system or genre and more often than not these are the games that we ask ourselves what would it have been like on another system but what make it a Demake and not a Remake?

A Demake to me is a homage to modern games that re-imagine them as if they were on older hardware. Whether done officially by the original game developer as a form of promotion for their new game or bedroom coders, these fun prequels let you celebrate your love of retro games in a whole new way.

Here are just a few..  What are some you have found?

Original Game: God of War
Original System: Playstation
Demake Name: Greek Wicked
Demake Style: Game & Watch

The creator started to think about the differences between old and modern games : what are those differences? Mostly better graphics and sounds, but in terms of game mechanics old and modern games can be very similar. So, what if we take modern games elements and reduce them to their most simple form to create a very old fashioned electronic game like a Game & Watch they thought.

So they started working on it, Guillaume was playing a game that was the perfect modern and AAA game reference we needed : God of War.

Original Game: Resident Evil
Original System: Playstation
Demake Name: Resident Evil
Demake Style: NES

This is a another fantastic re-imagination of an all time classic, this time its Resident Evil in NES clothing.

Original Game: Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball
Original System: Multiformat
Demake Name: Sexy Seaside Beachball
Demake Style: ZX Spectrum

This looks like a very good demake, if you can find it that is, please get in contact if you can help with that.

Beachball and boobs was what Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball is famous for so this ZX Spectrum demake with detailed graphics and realistic physics just like Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball, in this demake find the perfect excuse to continue watching girls in their underwear, while trying to star in a few games of beach volleyball.
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