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Started by TL, June 01, 2014, 15:53:32 PM

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[size=140]Altair for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum is a conversion of a very obscure arcade game that released in 1981 by Spanish company Cidelsa. This very faithful translation was made for the El rincon del Spectrum coding competition 2014 and was programmed by IBM, who, like the arcade producers, also hail from Spain so remembered this game from their youth. They have released the game for free to use with real hardware or emulators.[/size]

[size=140]It is a traditional old school scrolling shoot 'em up that very reminiscent of games like Moon Cresta and Galaga. The game is very similar to another coin-op by Cidelsa called Destroyer, but in this game you can move up and down not just left right like in Destroyer. You can also lose parts of your spaceship and it has many new enemies including the boss characters. You can see the original arcade game over at the Arcade Museum website.[/size]

[size=240]DOWNLOAD HERE![/size]

Altair ZX Spectrum (IBM, 2014)[/align:3andnz6o]


That looks like a cool shooter. I like the fact that your ship doesn't get immediately destroyed if it gets hit.  You have to get hit 3 times to lose your ship.

Going to the final frontier, gaming...


Hello all! :1: ) where this game was submitted :)
The entries regarding the compo are written in spanish as nobody from out of Spain has shown interest so far, but I could translate the entries as I did for the 1st compo.

Do you think I could announce this second edition here in the forums? I just registered here, I find the page very interesting (I usually write in the World of Spectrum forums ;) )


Welcome and thanks for registering.. Feel free to post away fella..

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