Hey. Love Atari especially Jaguar

Started by 64bitRuss, June 26, 2013, 00:32:10 AM

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Hi, I don't normally do introductions on forums, I usually just jump right into discussions and introduce myself that way. But, here we are, something new.

I have tons of old games and at least 30 years of experience playing video games, mostly with Atari consoles as they have and always will be my favorite machines. Lots of arcade experience as well, and something I sorely miss about the good ole days. Atari more than any of the other brands of consoles, helps keep those memories of the arcades alive for me. Nintendo and Sega have a nice place in my collection, just not the sentimentality.

As far as what I like to discuss when it comes to videogaming, I prefer the low-brow talk, like top-ten lists and gameplay discussions. I prefer the fun of playing games and talking about them afterwards, of comparing them to other games on other systems etc... Tech specs and programming are not my thing.

I will probably add pics of my collection someday. I plan on moving to a new apartment sometime this year, and then I will take fresh pictures. Anyway, not sure how much I'll post, but I will remain active as long as I see something I can add input to.


Welcome  :1: I'm also a big Jag fan as are a lot of other people here!


Hello there 64bitRuss and welcome to RVG!  You will find fans of Atari systems here, for sure.  The Jaguar certainly is a system many of us like and there are several threads discussing its games and the system itself.  Glad to have you aboard!

Going to the final frontier, gaming...


Welcome aboard and nice intro. Loads of threads in here I am sure you can add value to. Feel free to look around and post and revive any threads you see fit.

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Hello and welcome. Any friend of Atari is a friend of mine :108:
For the record, Alien verses Predator on the Atari Jaguar holds a Guinness World Record!

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