Cat Trax


Meow! What do those dogs want?! Cat Trax is maze game that was clearly inspired by the master of mazes, Pac-Man. In Cat Trax you take the role of a brave cat who is eating catnip spread through a maze while he is chased by three (rabid?) dogs. If any of the dogs touch the cat, they eat him for lunch! The cat is not entirely defenseless, however.

In the middle of the maze a potion appears which, when drunken by the cat, transforms him into a Dog Catcher truck that turns the tables around. If the truck touches a dog, it goes into the pound at the top of the screen and it stays there until the effect of the potion is gone and the trucks transforms back into a cat. Clear all the catnip in the maze and the action starts all over again. Cat Trax was originally developed for the Arcadia 2001 and was planned for release for the 2600 but it never happened commercially. The binary was discovered under the name Cat ’N’ Mouse in some European 2600 multicarts and it was released by Atari Age. The name Cat’ N’ Mouse doesn’t come as a surprise since the dogs really do look like mice (or mice heads, for that matter). The maze looks great and the catnip pieces look like dots of various colors. The games does suffer a bit in terms of collision detection and control, however. Sometimes you get killed even though nothing appears to be touching you. Sounds are pretty good and pressing game select lets you change the color of the maze. Were it not for the control issues, this would be an excellent game.


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