Brain Dead 13.

If you are familiar with Dragon’s Lair, you’ll remember that it introduced the full-motion video type of video game into the market. This inspired other games of that nature and that’s where Brain Dead 13 falls. This, of course, makes it a perfect game for the Jaguar CD. In BD13 you play the role of Lance, a computer technician who does house calls. Well, Lance gets a call where he has to visit a mysterious castle owned by the nefarious Dr. Nero Neurosis. One Lance fixes the computers, he finds out that Dr. Neurosis has a plan to dominate the world and he decides to take matters into his own hands. Armed with his wits, Lance sets out to reach The Brain Chamber in order to defeat the evil doctor. Lance will need to face various enemies and traverse many rooms before he can reach Dr. Neurosis. The trick, is making the right decision at the right moment in order to survive.

BD13 has beautiful cartoon graphics and you can’t help but laugh at some of the events that take place. The deaths can be gory but humorous at the same time. Lightning fast reactions really are needed, as is typical of these FMV games, for the player to succeed. Game sounds are fairly good and add to the ambiance. Something different from other FMV titles is that you can choose from various paths to take rather than having to follow one strict path. This adds some variety to the gameplay. FMV games are not for everyone but, if you enjoy these type of games, this title is certainly one to try out.

  • 5/10
    Gameplay - 5/10
  • 6/10
    Graphics - 6/10
  • 5/10
    Sound - 5/10


Game sounds are fairly good and add to the ambiance.


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