Blinky Goes up


Blinky has somehow ended up at the bottom of a dark dungeon, a dungeon can only be escaped by moving one way – up! The dungeon is full of dangers since falling anywhere other than on a platform is deadly.

Not only are the dungeons a challenge but there are also three enemies looking to kill Blinky as he tries to escape: Tooby, Bolly, and Shooty. Tooby is like a slinky worm that moves left and right on platforms, Bolly is a bouncing ball, and Shooty is a horizontally moving line. As Blinky goes up the platforms, gold nuggets can be found on these. Pick up four of these and Blinky earns an extra life. Blinky Goes Up is a unique vertical platformer for the Atari 2600 that is challenging and gives you that “I need to try out one more time” kind of feeling. You control Blinky, of course, as he runs and jumps from platform to platform. The length of your jumps is affected by how fast Blinky is running at the time of the jump, so keep this in mind as it is an important strategy point. On some passages, Blinky needs to do “airwalks.” This means that you have to let him run over the edge of a platform and start falling before you press the fire button to jump. The graphics of Blinky Goes Up are simple but they do the trick. Blinky and Tooby as well animated and sounds are “just right” for this game. Overall, the game is highly addictive, fun, and challening. A must for your 2600 game library.


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