Animaniacs was as TV show developed by a collaboration between Warner Bros. and Amblin Entertainments (Steven Spielberg) that first aired in 1993. The show had a cast of wacky characters and it was considered a variety show that did anything from education to satire.

The show’s success led to the development of video games for various systems, including the Genesis/MD. This version of the game has Yakko, Wakko, and Dot (the Warner Siblings) opening up a hip pop culture shop so they can meet some of their favourite stars. The Siblings travel through the different movie sets at Warner Brothers to pick up movie memorabilia but find themselves having to deal with Pinky and the Brain who want to use the items for their world domination plans. In the game, the player controls the Siblings as they travel through four different areas in the lot. Though all the characters move together, the player can only use one at a time for any particular action. Each Sibling has its own skillset: Yakko uses a paddleball to stun enemies and he has the ability to push/pull objects, Wakko has a mallet that can be used to break stuff or turn switches, and Dot blows kisses. Each level is timed, so you’ll need to keep your eyes on the timer as well. An interesting aspect of the game is that you can go into each of the four areas in any order. Once you finish all four, then you go into a final area where you must fight Pinky and the Brain. Animaniacs is a nice mix of puzzle and platformer gaming that boasts colourful graphics and fun gameplay. Though intended for younger players, the game does offer enough challenge for everyone and it has the humour the show was known for.


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