Alien Soldier


The planet Sierra, once peaceful, is now under attack by the terrorist group known as Scarlet. Scarlet only has one purpose, the destruction of the planet’s human population and the total takeover of the world. After an assassination attempt on Epsilon-Eagle, Scarlet’s former leader, Epsilon was badly injured and hurled into the space-time continuum where he has been hiding in the body of a boy.

In the meantime, Scarlet is now under control of the feral Xi-Tiger, a leader so vicious that even Scarlet’s members fear him making them seek out Epsilon. Epsilon is, however, of two personalities now as the goodness in the boy he has used to hide himself is constantly fighting to dominate the evil. With the life of another in peril, goodness takes over and the fight begins. Alien Soldier is a side scrolling shooter that has the unique honour of holding the Guinness World Record as the game with the most boss battles for a game of its kind. Each level of play is rather short and is followed by a boss fight with the game having a total of 31 bosses in 25 levels of play. There are two skill levels of play to choose from, Easy and Hard where the difference is that you have no saves (passwords) in the hard level. Alien Soldier is a rather good shooter for the Genesis/MD. The game has large character sprites, cool music, and nice sound effects. The bosses are announced with an alarm and these come in all shapes and forms. Though not an easy game to find, it is one I recommend you add to your library.


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