Alien 3


In 1992, the third installment in the Aliens saga was released and, with it, came games derived from the film. The Genesis/MD, of course, got its own version of the game. The story finds the Sulaco, with Ripley, Newt, Bishop, and Hicks in cryotubes, suffering a severe malfunction which makes the ship eject the EEV containing the cryotubes.

The EEV crash lands on the surface of the FIORINA 161 penal colony, with Ripley being the only survivor. After being rescued by the penal colony’s medical officer, Ripley sets out to stop “The Company” from gaining access to the alien life forms, aliens that also made it to the surface of FIORINA 161 and have now begun growing in numbers and taking captives. It is up to Ripley to rescue the captives and destroy the aliens. As the player you take on the role of Ripley and you must traverse various platforms as you search for captives while killing every alien that gets in your way. You have four weapons you can use: machine gun, flame thrower, grenade launcher, and hand grenades. All of these are in limited supply so you must be sure to collect ammunition as you travel about. Time is of the essence and you must focus on finding the captives so you can make it to the exit before the clock reaches zero. Aliens 3 has colourful graphics with well animated characters and good sound effects. The music is pretty upbeat and gives the game more of an arcade feel than anything else. I suppose it helps you keep moving quickly! The game can be challenging as the aliens do move about rather quickly but it is still a fun game, one that should be enjoyed by lovers of running shooters and Alien fans alike.


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