101 Amiga Games That Influenced The Gaming Industry Book Review.

According to the author, Justin from Castle Books, this was created over a 6 week period, in light of ‘pixel art’ publications Justin wanted to put something together show-casing the games that not just made the Amiga great, but what games started out on the Amiga first.

The book as the name suggests, covers some of the Amiga’s best games, 101 of them in fact and aims to redress the balance and show the Amiga was perhaps a leader in original game design.

Justin demonstrates 101 reasons why the Amiga was a great games machine, had a massive influence around the world. The games fall in to one of two categories ‘Amiga Exclusive’ – which is self-explanatory, it only came out on the Amiga ‘First on Amiga’ –  which were either programmed on the Amiga and ported to other platforms, or the Amiga version was released first in simultaneous development cases, either way the Amiga had a massive influence in the development studios and with gamers around the world.

The layout is simple but effective, each game gets 2 or 3 in-game screenshots, a loading screenshot and information about the game, such as the developer and publisher, release date and country of origin, whether it’s an exclusive title or if it was on Amiga first with details of other systems the game is available on and a brief write-up on the game.

Games like Arabian Nights and Roadkill are completely new to me, just goes to show how vast the Amiga catalogue is and the research Justin must have done just to get to his final selection of games. One things for sure, should this book ever become available for physical purchase again, I will be in the queue, for now its only available in PDF format and good news for you, it’s currently FREE



  • 8/10
    RVG Rating - 8/10


Free and informative, and if your looking for some Amiga games to play you might just find some new favorites in this book.


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