ZX Spectrum Games Code Club: Book Review

Up until now I have had the privilege of reviewing some great homebrew games created by enthusiasts for the older computers. The other week I was presented with the opportunity to do something I have never done before…review the ZX Spectrum Games Code book. I just couldn’t pass up this chance, especially when it is about the good old type-in programs that were popular during the 8-bit era.

If you were an owner of a C64, ZX Spectrum or Amstrad CPC I am sure you remember the type-in programs in the monthly magazines. Each issue would give a listing for a game or application that when you finished entering the lines of code and typed RUN, you had a fully working program and a sense of accomplishment.

The ZX Spectrum Games Code Club book is written by Gary Plowman, and aims to bring back the fun of the type-in listings. The book also give an understanding of how games were coded using BASIC on the ZX Spectrum. When this paperback arrived through the post I was naturally eager to get my hands on it and first impressions from the nice, glossy cover was this is a professionally created book.

As you begin to read the book, you notice it is a well written book with easily readable text. The listings are laid out clearly with black text on a grey background making it stand out. There are 20 programs with games like Flappy Bird and ZX Breakout for you to type in and run; with each one adding new concepts to learn with the author explaining as you progress.

If you are a fan of the ZX Spectrum and type-in programs then I would definitely recommend this book whether you are an 8-bit veteran or a newcomer.

The Book is available to buy at £12.99 from Amazon.

Review Score
  • 8/10
    RVG Rating - 8/10


As you begin to read the book, you notice it is a well written book with easily readable text.


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