Sega Saturn Style USB Joypad Review.

Sega Saturn Style USB Joypad Review.

I recently started playing a lot of retro games on my PC, and thought how much better it would feel to be playing on a proper controller from one of the old consoles. Scouring eBay and the web I came across a few, but the one I first chose was a bit cheap and nasty. I finally bit the bullet and bought the Saturn USB game pad. It arrived the next day and I quickly unwrapped it to test it out.

The first thing I noticed was that it had come with a CD, the disc contained a Mega Drive PC game disc, with a few Sega Mega Drive games which are playable on the PC. Ideal to test it with so I loaded it up and hooked up the USB pad. The pad was immediately recognised in Windows XP and testing in the game controllers showed everything working. The pad has a nice solid feel to it, nicely weighted and felt just like an original Sega Mega Drive or Saturn pad would.

In use the pad and buttons felt positive and like they ought to take a fair bashing during gameplay. I tried the old favourite of Sonic The Hedgehog which came on the game disc, and was immediately whisked back to the early 90’s and my old Mega Drive days as the controller felt so good. I decided to try an emulated version of Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion next as I had played it on another pad and it was disastrous. What a difference the right pad can make, the buttons are spaced just right for jumping and firing quickly and for bouncing the enemies. I am more than happy with this Saturn USB game pad, and would highly recommend it.

  • 10/10
    RVG Rating - 10/10


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