POWERUP the 16bit Board Game.

Here at RVG we like to discover new retro related stories and maybe this one has passed most of us by, POWERUP the 16bit Board Game on Kickstarter.

I think it looks fantastic and what can be more retro than a board game!

No one knows how or when they appeared, but the BUGs are here. At first they seemed like glitch, a purple blip on the screen, creeping in from a gap. And then they got bigger, and bigger, and started to bite. They’d show up in the middle of the Abbey, eating up Mario or ruining your best game of Golden Ax.

The BUGs have invaded all your classic games. These games that made you so happy as a child are now being conquered by these monsters from another dimension. If  things continue like this, there will be no classic games left.

Don’t despair! There is a singular group of intractable warriors with the ability to stop them, a group of fighters equipped with the cutting-edge tech and the determination of all the classic game characters: the BUGBUSTERs are here too.

As a BUGBUSTER, your missions is to stop the invasion of the BUGs and find the cure.

The BUGMISTRESS, supreme leader of the BUGs, will stop at nothing to eliminate the threat, and will launch her final attack against them. Will the BUGBUSTERs survive this attack? Will they be able to eliminate all the BUGs?

POWERUP is a 2D Dungeon Crawler simulating classic 16-bit Run and Gun platform games. It’s cooperative, with the option to play in skirmish mode competitively.

Source: Kickstarter


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