New Kickstarter: NES / Famicom Anthology Book.

Geeks-Line are at it again, this time they are producing an NES / Famicom Anthology book that is only ever going to be produced through the Kickstarter campaign, there will be no reprints of this book so you need to get over to the campaign if what you see below takes your fancy.

The book promises to be a new take on the NES / Famicom history that it covers, from what I can see in the promo images it certainly looks another stunning book from these publishers.

For those unfamiliar with Geek-Line, here is a quote from their website.

Geeks-Line publishes high quality books that document the history of video games. Our books go in-depth into the most iconic game systems recognizing their impact, telling their origin story through interviews of key developers that made their success, and reviewing the entire game library. So far, we released in French those Anthologies for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and our upcoming book will be on the Rolls Royce of consoles, the Neo Geo. Our English publications will be kick off with the release of the Nintendo 64 Anthology on September 29th 2016 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nintendo’s 64 bits system. Founded by former game journalist J’m Destroy, Geeks-Line is based in the Paris area, France.

Go here to discover more and pledge.


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