Glory Hunters – NEW GBC Title on Kickstarter!

Welcome to the land where everybody seeks glory! A game where you progress by obtaining achievements!

Glory Hunters is an all-new action-adventure RPG for the original Game Boy console where you progress by obtaining achievements that grant glory points.

Glory points are the main currency within the game, and they are mainly used to open paths and move forward in this world. You will find several glorious deeds that award glory points, such as gathering materials, aiding the townsfolk in various quests, or diving into dungeons and caves to defeat different kinds of mobs.

Players can freely choose where to go and discover different zones with unique minigames, enemies, and eccentric characters!

You can also upgrade your health, buy more items, and even hire people to help you on this quest. You are free to spend glory points to create your very own experience!

Be careful on how to spend your glory points, though; the next achievement might become harder to get.

Attempt to save the land by awakening one of four gods and cleanse the shameful monsters that lurk in the shadows.

Created to run on Game Boy consoles. You can join the hunt by playing on original hardware, any emulation device or Steam!

Become a glory hunter and remember pain is temporary, but glory is eternal!

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