Giga Wing


For centuries, civilization has fought many wars with one goal: find and posses Medallion. Medallion is a divine stone capable of bringing both prosperity and destruction to mankind. After many wars were fought, Medallion vanished. Now, in the year 2050, Medallion has been found once more and the war has started again.

This time, the weapons are more powerful, more destructive, and more advanced than ever before. It is time for the war to be over. Four pilots are tasked with the mission to destroy Medallion. To do so, they have been given a mystic stone with the power to destroy Medallion. Can they achieve their goal? Giga Wing is a vertical shooter for the Dreamcast that was first released to the arcades in 1999. This version is a perfect adaptation of that arcade game and offers two modes of play: Arcade and Score Attack. The former is for one or two players while the latter is for one player only. You can choose from four characters/ships to play, each with their own characteristics. Raijin (piloted by Sinnosuke) is a well balanced plane, Porchka (piloted by Isha) can fire eight homing missiles at once, Carmine (piloted by Ruby) is the fastest plane, and Widestand (piloted by Stück) has a powerful guided bomb. There are five stages with very different environments but the one constant here is the multitude of enemies you will face. Thankfully, you do have special weapons like the Reflect Force, which lets you bounce your enemies shots back at them. Giga Wing is fast paced, has superb graphics, great sound, and an excellent musical score. It is also straightforward and lets you rank up points like crazy. This one is a must!



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