Geist Force


Geist Force is an unreleased beta for the Dreamcast that was fan released in 2012. Unfortunately, the game was not finished so the beta is not truly playable. This is really unfortunate because the game looks fantastic. The story of the game is set on a mysterious planet where the forces of the Galactic Federation and an evil Alien Queen fight over control of some mysterious force.

Your job is to pilot a fighter ship to defeat the invading alien forces in order to protect your planet and maybe even the Galaxy. The story of the game itself, though, is more interesting. Geist Force was one of the first games in development for the Dreamcast. It was developed so early that the full specs of the console had not even been determined. The game was first shown at E3 1998 and then again at the 1998 Tokyo Game Show where it was reportedly 80% complete. Geist Force was originally to be released as the Dreamcast’s launch title in North America, but was cancelled in the latter half of 1999 . The game was intended to be similar to Star Fox for the SNES. In 2011, the folks from AssemblerGames were able to get a prototype of the game after a series of donations and they later released it to the public (those who donated received pressed discs of the game). This beta has graphics that are simply amazing. The intro (which has no sound) shows a planet’s invasion by the alien forces followed by scenes of the human teams preparing to defend their world. The game then starts but it isn’t entirely playable. The first stage can be played, though there are issues. Some other areas can only be explored. Unfortunate, as this really had potential.


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