New Atari Jaguar Port - The Hunt!

Started by TrekMD, December 05, 2023, 04:22:06 AM

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"The Hunt" is a turn based combat puzzle game. You control a young Predator on his first Hunt on the planet Earth. Fight your way through 16 randomly generated, and progressively harder, levels to claim your ultimate trophy.

Just in time for the Atari Jaguar's 30th anniversary. "The Hunt" can be downloaded and played on your Jaguar, or in BigPemu, for free! If you are playing on your Jaguar console, you will need to flash the ROM file to your Skunkboard or play it from SD card on your Jaguar Game Drive. If you are playing in BigPemu (Atari Jaguar emulator), be sure to enable the "Force JGD Emulation" option in settings.

Going to the final frontier, gaming...