New release for CRONOPIOS Y FAMAS

Started by Corporal Jonlan, December 28, 2021, 18:11:20 PM

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Corporal Jonlan

Another title from my past production has been revised and re-released under the Zankle Soft label. This time it is Cronopios Y Famas, which - if I remember correctly - was the first adventure game made with AGD version 4. An interactive homage to Julio Cortázar, Cronopios Y Famas is a surreal and light-hearted dynamic adventure inspired by some short stories by the notorious Argentine writer. Guide a Cronopio - a strange, offbeat and a bit wacky character - to find the lost key to his home while solving puzzles, interacting with other Cronopios and the precise and orderly Famas, whilst avoiding the Esperanzas, beings that do not like Cronopios and always try to give them a good bashing!

Cronopios Y Famas draws on the surreal humor of the original stories. For those who don't know them, however, the puzzles might be quite tricky. For this reason, a complete solution and a map are included with the game.

This is a new version which substitutes the previous one. Changes are as follows:
  • The management program has been rewritten from scratch in pure ASM.
  • The background frame has been retouched.
  • A scene has been added when a certain action is performed.
  • Some rooms have been partially redesigned and/or populated with Esperanzas.
  • After colliding with an Esperanza, a short "grace period" follows, during which you are invulnerable.
  • The "bad ending" message (a quote from Caminito) has been translated from Spanish in the respective languages.​
  • When playing on a 128K, an original composition named "Tango Del Cronopio" plays in the background.
Download it from:
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