[PW12] Sir Ababol - NES OM Edition - Amstrad CPC464

Started by zapiy, October 31, 2021, 18:42:00 PM

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Towards the end of the 11th century, a young crusader named Sir Ababol from Manchester starts off on a venture to Jerusalem. The brave knight travels across the ever-green prairies of French Britain and climbs the infinite heights of the Pyrenees to arrive at Alcoraz River.

Sir Ababol witnesses the courage of St. George from Cappadocia against the infidels and is so astonished from what he sees that he stumbles over a rock, falling into the Alcoraz River that carries him to the Monegros Desert.

When he wakes up, Sir Arabol realises that he has lost his sword. Fearing that his journey to Jerusalem has come to an end, he searches around for the sword when he comes across a farmer tending to his crops.  When he asks the farmer about the whereabouts of his sword, our knight is directed to a land full of Ababol flowers. Sir Ababol is confused but believes the red flowers may be tied to recovering his sword and decides to collect them, hoping to then continue his journey to Jerusalem.

More here https://www.phoenixware.co.uk/product/sir-ababol-nes-om-edition/

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