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[PW11] Metamorphosis - ZX Spectrum 128k
« on: October 31, 2021, 18:40:01 PM »

Metamorphosis is a game about evolving. You start as a spider which is the lowest lifeform in the game. The aim is to evolve into a human in order to complete the game. Increase your energy by eating worms, as your energy level increases, you will evolve into a higher lifeform. Hitting enemies a few times will make them devolve to a lower lifeform until their energy level is zero and then they will end as a worm. The screens are a kind of ecosystem, enemies attacking each other, running away and evolve/devolve.

You have to collect 3 objects and bring them to the central room with the circles. In this room, there is a location to drop the objects into the circles. When all 3 objects are in the circles, a pink teleport to the next level appears.

There are 3 levels to explore. To obtain some objects, you first have to get a Combat room key. If you got the key, a black teleport appears somewhere in the map to enter a combat room.

After entering the combat room, you have to kill all enemies before an object appears.

At the bottom, there is an energy bar. This bar shows your current energy level. Your energy level can be raised by eating worms and is decreased by getting hit by spit or toxic drops. The dots indicate the max energy level at a certain stage. The maximum energy level is increased after you drop an object in the circles. When you have a Combat room key, a small key symbol appears on the left side of the energy bar. If you have an object, a red dot is shown on the left side of the energy bar.

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