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Started by Shadowrunner, June 16, 2021, 18:54:49 PM

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There's probably a really old thread somewhere about this place but I don't feel like looking for it :P.

Just read this great article about the place - Vice

Anyone who has ever bought from them will get a kick out of reading this. I've ordered form him a couple times and never had any trouble, but I had already read all about it and knew the unwritten rules to follow lol.


Oh, I've bought from them many times.  Never had an issue.  Heck, they already know me! 

Going to the final frontier, gaming...


It seems like if your order fits with him you become a fan. If your order doesn't you get especially disgruntled customers. Fans amplify praise and rebuke the disgruntled customers. Disgruntled customers amplify their poor experience and go crazy after being blacklisted and blocked. With such a divisive customer base I don't think he's getting (or has the inclination to process) feedback needed to improve.
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