PlayStation 1 link up cable

Started by Sanddancer, April 11, 2021, 20:45:34 PM

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Did anyone else ever use one of these, I have some good memories using it with mates, to play doom and red alert 2, it blew my mind back in the day how it worked but it was so much fun. Wasn't cheap as u needed 2 copies of the game and two ps1' but was so worth. I'm actually thinking of setting it up again for a blast from the past, anyone play any other games with it.


Wipeout 2097 and Ridge Racer 4 use it. I actually have everything I need to play those in linkup but I don't think I ever have!!  :)


Never linked a Playstation, in fact I think i only ever linked PCs and so on back in the day.

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There's a link cable for Saturn and Dreamcast too. The DC one is very rare though.

I've linked 2 Gamecubes up but you need the broadband adaptors for that which are expensive now (I got them when they were cheap).


Quote from: zapiy on April 13, 2021, 20:48:23 PM
Never linked a Playstation, in fact I think i only ever linked PCs and so on back in the day.
Same. In fact, I did it with the Game Boy pretty frequently to play multiplayer games. It was an awesome feature for portable consoles, where it made the most sense. The issue is that my household never owned more than one PlayStation at a time, and it wasn't exactly feasible for me to buy a link cable, invite a friend over, and set up a second TV. It would have been difficult for me to even convince my parents that it would be a worthwhile investment.  ;D
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I think the idea of the PS linkup was that a friend would bring his/her console with a 2nd copy of the game around. Still means you need two TVs though!


2 player linkup Tetris on Gameboy was a great idea. Only played it few times but it transformed Tetris into a great versus game.