New Intellivision Homebrew - Frankenstein's Monster

Started by TrekMD, November 01, 2020, 02:39:42 AM

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AA member nanochess has released a brand new homebrew game for the Intellivision:  Frankenstein's Monster!  The game is an adaptation of the 2600 version of the game. 

Move your tiny hero over the screen using the disc directions, jump over enemies, don't fall into holes, retrieve the brick at the bottom of screen, and bring it up to the top of screen under the monster. Avoid the bats and deposit the brick in the marks. Repeat five times more to avoid the monster being freed.

Here's a video from Willie going over the game.  You can download the game here:  Frankenstein's Monster

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This looks a cool little game, you played it Trek?

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This is like the 2600 version of the game, just enhanced for the 2600.  It's a fun game on both systems.  :)

Going to the final frontier, gaming...