Author Topic: Stunning new Amstrad CPC racing game, looks like a 16 bit game on the Amstrad!!  (Read 581 times)

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Looks like a 16 bit game on the humble Amstrad.

Anyone know any information on the release date?

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We are in contact with the devs, they are still hard at work on this and if they give us a date we will make an announcement on here mate.
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I had a 464 with the green screen. Had the TV modulator for colour TV gaming with it. Many fond memories......

But I find the framerate in that teaser difficult to believe.  Of course many platforms have been proven far more capable years after their demise. The 464 just got far too many lazy "lift and shift" Spectrum ports because they shared the same Z80 processor so it got an undeserved bad rep.

I remember some native coded games being pretty good - Cybernoid II was a prime example - coded by the maestro Rafaelle Cecco.


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