New Atari 2600 Homebrew - Asteroids Attack

Started by TrekMD, March 06, 2020, 21:07:48 PM

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The year is 2600. The newly discovered X Planet, in its first passage through the Solar System, disturbs the harmony of the asteroids belt, hurling thousands of asteroids towards Earth.

Humankind, in full control of space technology, created the Star Defence fleet, designated for exploration and defense.

Upon learning of the destructive power of the event, a fleet of 9 ships (3 in the demo game version) were sent on a mission to destroy all asteroids that threaten the planet. But during the mission, something terrible is discovered, and the horde of asteroids become the least of the problems.

The star fleet discovers that the attack was not a natural event, but something carefully planned by the no longer unknown Planet X population, who for reasons still unknown, are planning the total destruction of Earth.


The fleet will have the mission to destroy as many asteroids as possible from each of the 9 attack waves (3 in the demo game version) and at the end of the mission, return safely to Earth.

The end of each attack wave is indicated by the passage of a giant asteroid, with great destructive power, which must be eliminated. Failure to destroy the giant asteroid will result in Earth destruction and game over.

The Earth ground mission is not prepared to handle large amounts of falling asteroids, so be efficient, let as few asteroids pass through.

The bottom left bar indicates the Earth's life bar that will be reduced each time the planet is hit. The end of the life bar will result in Earth destruction and the game over.

You will command each one ships sent to the mission, in case a destroyed ship, you will start to command the next one. The destruction of all ships will result in destruction of the Earth and the game over.

The bottom right bar indicates the wave progress bar that will be reduced to each destroyed asteroid or enemy ship. The end of the progress bar will result in end of wave and the start a new one.


Game Start Key starts the game;
Joystick Fire Button starts the game and makes the ship shoot;
Left Difficulty Switch change the fire speed;
Right Difficulty Switch turns the game music On/Off;
PB/Color Key pauses the game

Going to the final frontier, gaming...