Scolling FROGS and Laserball? Opinions needed!

Started by simoncam, November 25, 2019, 17:38:12 PM

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Scrolling FROGS? Help! Opinions needed!
Ok, this is a big one (for me ;) ) …
Some weeks ago I finally figured out ho to do a decent scrolling on the ATARI STe with my humble GFA basic â€" a first glimpse is visible as the page scrolling effect in the latest FROGS release 1.1

But I could not let go and I re-wrote the complete graphics drawing routines of FROGS using my new knowledge. For me this is first and foremost a proof of concept, of what is possible. In FROGS it is not much more than a nice effect, not really adding to the gameplay. But in theory I could apply the same idea to “Laserball 2015” and make it a completely new scrolling experience (lots of work!!!)

But the result is a mixed bag on another level:
- on an STe even with all that scrolling going on, the new logic pushed the possible frame-rate from 19 to a staggering 24 frames/second. (2 AI Frogs, Music playing)
- BUT on a standard ST missing the blitter the frame-rate drops from 15 to an unusable 8 frames/second.

So applying this to a new release would basically make FROGS a “STe-only” game.
And the same would happen to Laserball, if I use the technique there.
(having two drawing routines one for STe and one for ST would make the code very clunky)

Opinions please!
- What do you think about the scrolling effect in FROGS â€" does it add to the crazy action? Or is it distracting from the gameplay?
- What is more important? higher frame-rate/scrolling on an STe or playability on both ST+STe?

(Video recorded with Steem SSE emulating an standard 8mhz STe, 1mb ram)



I like the effect, does it need it? Probably not in my humble opinion, however can you not make it so if it detects an STe is does that effect, otherwise its a standard version?

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Haha! FROGS V1.2 Scrolling Frogs is out!
I did it. Does the game need it? No!
Is it ridiculous and fun? YES!!!
And I added more:
- WAY FASTER framerate on the STe
- C64 color scheme
- Additional Graphics
- a setup editor to customize your FROGS! Hahaha!