New ColecoVision Homebrew - Vanguard

Started by TrekMD, April 07, 2019, 19:37:05 PM

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The team at CollectorVision is releasing a new title for the ColecoVision which is a port of Vanguard.  Coleco was supposed to release the game for the system back in the 80s but it sadly became one of the many vaporware announced by Coleco.

For years, CollectorVision strived to release prototypes, unreleased and vaporware games announced by former Coleco and now they are finally bringing Vanguard to the ColecoVisio.  CollectorVision is calling this the MOST ACCURATE home conversion of the game.  It even includes the famous original speech synthesis, music and SFX!

The cartridge is 128K and is packed with full goodness!  No release date as of yet but coming later this year.

Going to the final frontier, gaming...


The one thing I'm really pleased about with this release is that its a genuine Coleco title and not a super game module cartridge that most people will not be able to play on the original hardware. Now if only they could release the rom... 😁


I have to agree about the Super Module, seemed to be many going that route so this is good news.

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