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Started by Shadowrunner, March 05, 2019, 19:52:36 PM

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I got an email the other day about this:

45 Day Pre-order of AWESOME RETRO GAMES!

If you like to play retro games in their original format, we have the best news for you! Piko Interactive has prepared 12 different titles for consoles like NES, SNES, Genesis, Jaguar, GBA and Nintendo 64! All the games produced in high quality cartridges with box and manual like back in the 90s! There are different gameplay genres available, from Turn Based RPGs, To Beat’em up, Platformers, Shooters and Puzzles!

They have announced that they have 12 new games on their store ready for pre-order! Pre-orders will start shipping on April 15 2019! Only 45 day pre-order! $5 price hike will apply on and after April 15 2019! Take your chance now and get them at DISCOUNT!

Here are the list of titles available for sale:

40 Winks â€" Nintendo 64
Gourmet Squad â€" Super Nintendo
Tinhead â€" Super Nintedo
Little Lancelot â€" NES
Pyramids of Ra â€" NES
Exploding Fist â€" NES
Impossamole â€" Atari Jaguar
Head Over Heels â€" Atari Jaguar
Canon: Legends of The New Gods â€" Genesis
Switchblade â€" Genesis
Thunderbolt II â€" Genesis
Custodian â€" GBA!/New-Releases-Pre-Order/c/20971055/offset=0&sort=normal

Some of these are ports from other consoles or computers, some are games that were cancelled or the version for a specific console was cancelled, and some of them are being released in English for the first time. Lots to choose from anyway!


Going to the final frontier, gaming...


Yeah I might order a couple. You hardly ever get new N64 games and cool to see two new Jag games.


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