New Atari Jaguar Homebrew Release - Uwol: Quest for Money

Started by TrekMD, February 23, 2019, 16:52:13 PM

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Peleiades are happy to announce that “Uwol: Quest for money” is now available to pre-order for the Atari Jaguar. The game is a conversion built from the ground up by Oceo especially for the Jaguar.

You take the role of Uwol in his quest to find 255 coins by searching the many rooms of the mansion. Can you grab the loot and escape the mansion?

Now here's the fun part - there will be a free version available to download once the game has been shipped. Part of the Mojon twin’s philosophy is that their games are made freely available on whichever platform they are released for. We aim to have a dedicated page for Uwol where you will be able to buy a physical copy, or maybe you just want to thank the guys behind the game and give them a little donation for their time and effort, or maybe buy them a coffee, for their efforts. We want to thank these guys for making the game & hopefully we can encourage them to make more games for our beloved cat.

We know how people in the Jaguar community love their physical copies, so we are here to fulfil that role too.  We are asking that people refrain from making their own carts, and certainly not try to profit off their efforts by trying to pass of legitimate copies on Etsy, e-bay etc. (they will be very easy to spot!). And help encourage future Jaguar game development.

So, the price for a boxed copy of the game will be £45 plus p+p. If you just want a cartridge version, then that price will be £40 plus p+p. The game will also be put up on Etsy and e-bay, but will be priced slightly more to cover the extra costs involved.

Our plan is to run the pre-order until the start of May (orders will still be taken after this time); at this point orders will be placed to build the physical games and get them shipped out.  We are aiming for early July to ship the game to everyone. If we have enough interest from people then we may even be able to move production forward.

Our aim here is to try and encourage the guys behind the game to stick with the Jaguar for their next game. And we can only achieve this with the communities help.

If you'd like a physical, officially licensed copy of “Uwol: Quest for money” for the Jaguar, then please email

Please enclose the country that you live in and an email address attached to a paypal account. I will send the invoices out when I have tied down the new postage rate that comes into effect from the 25th March.

Thank you

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This game is available for other systems but it is cool seeing this ported to the Jaguar.  In fact, it's cool to see more interest in the system now with more releases being made for it. 

Going to the final frontier, gaming...


Yes, it is almost amazing that the Jaguar is seeing so much interest and sales, now that so many ports are being created. I’ve expressed an interest in purchasing this title, looks good.
For the record, Alien verses Predator on the Atari Jaguar holds a Guinness World Record!

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Cracking looking title, glad the Mojon Twins allowed this.

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