New Atari 2600 Homebrew - Tower of Rubble

Started by TrekMD, January 21, 2019, 03:00:07 AM

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AA member mksmith is currently working on a new game for the 2600 called Tower of Rubble...

Tower of Rubble
How long can you survive on the lethal TOWER OF RUBBLE as it crumbles and rebuilds itself around you?

This is mksmith's first Atari 2600 game written using batari Basic and DPC+ as a way of learning to code the Atari which he has recently returned to after a very long hiatus.  He started coding just before Christmas so about 4 weeks worth of work so far.

How to play

Control the player with the joystick only (no fire button) moving left and right to run across the tiles and pushing up and down to climb. Learning to jump is key to surviving the tower and is essentially automatic:

you jump off the edge and depending on whats in front of you, you will jump across and hang or drop and hang
you can climb down backwards into a hanging position then move left/right to jump across (again depending on whats in front of you).
there is a short jump (between 1 tile gap) and a long jump (between 2 tile gap).

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I believe this was originally released on the C64.  This is a well done port of that version.

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