FROGS for ATARI STe + Boxed Version

Started by simoncam, December 20, 2018, 11:06:13 AM

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Here comes an update on FROGS for ATARI STe!
While the free download is out for some time, I am almost done in preparing the boxed version! And I decided to go even further:
-   FROGS will come together with Zatacka ST in the ATARI ST Multiplayer Power pack â€" with or without a parallel port adapter for 4 joysticks. It will be a nice flip-over box and flip over manual.
-   I have made an ANARCHO Ride box â€" based on my initial design study. It will come with a printed manual and printed floppy stickers. I have only printed a small number of boxes and only 5 of these will contain the 4 Floppys and a special present as the “Limited Special Edition”.
-   And I will bring back Laserball as a second edition box. Also with the printed manual.

I have extended my existing business so I can sell these Boxes in an official online store. (is there any other “software company” out there focussing on ATARI ST games in 2019???  ;D )
Therefore all sales will be bound to EU/Austrian Tax and customer protection regulations. But please be gentle! I am not Amazon! Boxes and Joystick Adapters are made by hand. There will be just a very small stock and there might be waiting times â€" depending on the demand. But I will do my best to make 2019 a great year for ATARI ST fans!
I will post the link to the shop as soon as I am ready to send out the first boxes! Stay tuned!

Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Thomas / ANARCHO Ride Laboratories

P.S: Here is a video with FROGS on a gaming party!


Love it fella.

Congrats on your works so far.

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