Author Topic: Anyone using a MISTer FPGA?  (Read 1759 times)


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Anyone using a MISTer FPGA?
« on: November 11, 2018, 23:57:51 PM »
There are a bunch of good console, computer and arcade codes available to download.  Cores are constantly being added and updated.

More information is here:

The main board is usually $130 and runs a good amount of cores.  If you want to run all the cores then a SDRAM module is needed which is around another $35.

Sorry for the US currency.  :)

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Re: Anyone using a MISTer FPGA?
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2018, 00:27:12 AM »
Didn't know about this.  Cool!
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Re: Anyone using a MISTer FPGA?
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2018, 10:35:06 AM »
RVG is a multinational forum mate so don't appologise fella.

I have seen it and I have wondered what its like, would be interested in a review for the site if you fancy it? For me though I would need to work out the benefit of this over my current situation of using the real hardware..
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