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Let's Compare Puyo Puyo
« on: September 04, 2018, 01:27:26 AM »
Puyo Puyo is the first game in the series, made in 1991 by Compile, using characters from Madou Monogatari. It was created by Masamitsu "Moo" Niitani, the founder of Compile, who was inspired by certain elements from the Tetris and Dr. Mario series of games.

See also: Basic rules, Scoring, Puyo Puyo (rule)

The original MSX and Famicom versions of the game contain Endless and Mission modes. In Endless, the player matches Puyos until their screen fills, with a giant Puyo or Carbuncle appearing periodically to assist the player. In Mission, the player is given several preset boards, each with a certain goal (such as creating a 3-chain or clearing 8 Puyos simultaneously) that the player must meet to win.
The arcade version focuses on competitive play, and thus replaces these two modes with Scenario. Scenario consists of a series of battles against AI opponents and includes Beginner mode, which gives the player three opponents unrelated to the main game, Normal mode, which features 13 characters, and Difficult mode, which automatically sends the player to the fourth battle of Normal. Most of the arcade version's home ports reintroduce Endless mode.

In this mode, two players play against each other. In exactly the same fashion as before, by out-chaining one another, the player tries to fill up their opponent's field. Due to the lack of later Puyo Puyo games' offset rule, victory can be achieved by simply making a five chain or higher and waiting out the opponent.
Scenario story and opponents
The Scenario mode features Arle Nadja, protagonist of the Madou Monogatari series. She has learned a spell known as Owanimo, which converts four or more similarly-colored creatures into pure energy. She plans to use this spell to defeat Satan, but must first battle twelve other opponents.
The English version features a slightly different plot: Arle, now known as Silvana, must protect her home from the Black Kingdom. Each character's English name is noted in parenthesis where applicable.

Source:  Puyo Nexus

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