YouTubers - Does Nintendo's knobness around copyright put you off???

Started by Back in Time Sime, January 31, 2018, 08:31:08 AM

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Back in Time Sime

I have shy'd away from reviewing much Nintendo as I know they are right buggers for copyright strikes... There seems to be plenty about anyway, but I find Nintendo's attitude somewhat offensive and actually it has left a sour taste in ones mouth...

Anybody feel the same??

Bit like poo'n in your own garden to me...
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Dreamcast Gamer

I like Nintendo games, but I doubt I'll review ever many of them.  I'm glad most developers/publishers see it as free advertising.


I'm not thrilled about what they do, but thankfully only one of my NES reviews (Super Mario 3 Review) got a claim put against it, which btw, is not a valid claim, but my team of lawyers tell me it's not worth the cost to fight it.

I've been focused on Atari, but I do want to review more games for Nintendo systems and plan to in the future.

Btw, music is usually what signals the strike. If you are talking over the game, that usually prevents it, which it should, since a review falls under fair use.

However, for me, for SMB3 it was a visual claim, which is pretty unusual.

Dreamcast Gamer

A claim also prevents certain devices from viewing the video.  I've only had one claim and it was valid (copyrighted music) so I re-edited it and everything was fine.

Back in Time Sime

Seems somewhat counterproductive on there part, but hey, up to them I guess... Nintendo has always been the most hard nosed of businesses...
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I understand the need to protect their IP but that does feel overbearing.  Do they expect you to mute out the music while you're doing a video review of the game with the game playing in the background?  That's a bit too much.

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They have a lot of pathetic actions, it's one of the reasons I completely avoid their modern products (post-2005) because they have this ridiculously antiquated attitude to things like this.
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They'll claim stuff almost 100% sure, but tbh I don't care, I'm on Youtube to make videos I'm proud of and to play games I love. It's not like you actually get in trouble for it with Youtube, it's just a case of any ad revenue from that video goes to Nintendo but I make nothing anyway  :D

I've done Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario World, every one has been claimed, I'm also in the middle of Ocarina of Time and I'm certain that'll be claimed too, but at least my viewers (and me) are enjoying it.