Retro Games That You Would Like To See Beefed Up To PS3 Quality Graphics

Started by Rain, September 28, 2017, 17:31:44 PM

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Keystone Kapers I think would look great if made with modern graphics. That false 3D they can do.

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 Loads really but I'm thinking something like Stuntcar Racer. Loved that game.

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Stuntcar Racer was awesome! One of the early networked games, linking STs with a null modem cable for multiplayer. My friends and I used to drag our STs/monitors out for Midi Maze nights and would sometimes play Stuntcar Racer for a change of pace.


Time Pilot ;D One of my all time favorites in the arcades.

I would like to see Racing Destruction Set redone. That track editor was pur fun, spent hundreds of hours with that game.


Hadn't thought of that but Time Pilot would be a cool game to modernize too but without changing the basic formula. Nothing like what Atari is doing with Night Driver.

Going to the final frontier, gaming...


I'd like to see GT3: A-Spec with modern graphics - it was the pinnacle of the series :P
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