Playstation Games That Disappointed You?

Started by Rain, September 28, 2017, 17:26:01 PM

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I'm inclined to say:

Legend Of Dragoon
Chocobo Racing


I only recently got a PS2 and I've been getting both PS1 and PS2 games for it.  I guess I'll look at these as titles to avoid.  :)

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I was testing now for some month PS1, PS2 and PS3 games, on my PS3.

So I tested around 300 titles for each of the three. And while doing that, I started to notice, what I never thought, because I never took it in consideration, that the quality of the games went up a lot with every console.

I tested all the top games, sports games, and also was looking out for the worst of the worst for every console, and tested them.

The fact is, after playing 300 titles for the PS1, I thought OMG, was there this much scrap for it!! Honestly, there are bad games for the PS1, a whole bunch of them, never thought it, as I got my PS1 very late, it was also my first console, as I only used computers before that (not counting my Philips Videopac G7000). And there are some turds that are abslutely must play, so bad they are.

When I was then testing PS2 games, I noticed straight away that the quality of the games was increasing, and I don't now mean the obvious, the graphics, no, but the games themselves. The ratio of bad/good games almost was fifty-fifty.

Where it became even more obvious, was when I was then testing PS3 games, again the quality increased, less games released but better quality in general, and of course the usual turds, like for example Prison Break, which I tested, thought it was not too bad, good but all the time same stealth missions, and I played it through in 2 days :D

I think, in my opinion, the quality of games is increasing all the time, seing late game releases, on the last gen consoles, some absolutely awesome productions, sadly not that much space for turds, but luckily we have some indie companies which still from time to time feed us with unnecessary stuff.

Had great fun during these 3-4 months, less because I had back surgery, 8 screws and 2 carbon bars installed in the lower back, but at least I was off work, and I had the possibility to enjoy my favorite pass time, gaming.

But sorry, I completely missed the topic, which is clearly not about bad games, but about disappointing ones, which is another story. I have to go now, but will come back to this topic and try to answer the actual topic ;D


Destruction Derby 2, loved the first one so much, the sequel although fun in parts lost some of the magic and style of play which i loved about the first one.

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Yeah DD2 was a proper let down, happens so often though.

And after reading your reply DeadVoivod i am waiting with baited breathe of how many games you put to the sword lol.

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Quote from: zapiy on March 19, 2018, 10:47:38 AMAnd after reading your reply DeadVoivod i am waiting with baited breathe of how many games you put to the sword lol.
It's quite difficult, like I said, topic is about disappointing games, and not bad ones.


For me it was a PSP game. Sounds silly but I remember getting either Fifa 11or 12 and they took away all online and ultimate team which just felt proper lazy to me. I know the vita was out at this point but still annoyed me :(


They probably did that to push people to get the Vita if they wanted those features.

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Haha didn't work I got a 3ds instead :/


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Another topic I thought I would revive. A disappointing game for me was star wars demolition for ps1. It was made by the team that made vigilante 8 and is a vehicle combat game but it almost a copy and paste of vigilante 8 as the physics are off because every vehicle controls like a car regardless of the size and type of vehicle you pick. Also the level design is not that great to be honest.


I agree. I played it on the Dreamcast but I was really disappointed with it as well.


At least there is plenty of great Star Wars games out there we can play instead.


A huge disappointment for me was God of War on PS2.

It's a technically superb game. Gorgeous graphics. I love the setting and theme. Presentation is top drawer.

But I found the game deadly dull. The boss sections were OK but even they were basically QTE sections and the between boss combat was just endless button mashing. The spectacular moves and animation were no compensation for the total absence of any sense of control.

I went back to it a couple of times and but just eventually gave up. I really really wanted to like it.  :(


Syndicate wars on the ps1, loved the first one on my amiga and was so excited for syndicate wars but it just didn't grab me was just for to dark for my liking.