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This will be the first game to introduce the Wizzy character.
Wizzy, son of the infamous Wizard of Odyssey, has just started to learn the craft of magic, but can he live up to the expectations of his father?
Now Wizzy, the little wizard, is in trouble! He attempted a spell to produce fire, but the sticks he wished to see burn now fly all around him.

Help Wizzy to collect the coins while avoiding the bewitched wood! ... r_embedded

Game features:
- Playable on Videopac and Odyssey2 consoles
- High resolution background on Videopac+ consoles
- Digitized speech using The voice add-on
- Multicolor sprite animation
- Internet highscore uploading
- Online rewards system
- Hidden gameplay mode

Internet Highscore uploading:
After each game you will be told your highscore and shown a highscore code. This code will allow you to upload your highscores to the internet.
Now you can compare your scores with players worldwide!

Go to Revival Studios Videopac games highscore page to enter your name and code.

Online rewards:
Besides getting a high score game, there are also rewards to be earned for
performing specific tasks in the game. This game contains the following rewards:

[silver]� �  Mayhem much? - Play 100 games of Mayhem in one session
[bronze]�  Emperor's new clothes - Play a game using the alternate costume
[silver]� �  Lickety-split - Reach chaos level 6
[gold]� � �  Chaosmaster - Reach chaos level 8

Besides uploading your highscores as mentioned above, you will also
be able to update your earned rewards online. Rewards are added to any
rewards achieved at an earlier time, so there is no need to earn all
rewards in a single playthrough/session.

Release information:
The game is available for sale on cartridge.

For more information about this and other Videopac/Odyssey2 games, visit: - homebrew game development for classic game consoles
Follow me on twitter ( @revival_studios) for the latest information about my upcoming projects


Really really impressive game, looks like a manic challenge too!  :D


love that kick ass chip music..brilliant work and an epic presentation!!!