New Atari Jaguar Homebrew - Sea Battle

Started by TrekMD, January 15, 2017, 21:12:24 PM

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Here is a new title for the Atari Jaguar from Sergi, a Russian developer.  It appears the game will be released in cart and full package (picture below). 

Here is a game description taken from Sergi's web site.  The text on the site is in Russian so this is what Google Translates makes it to be:

   So was completed long ago started project naval battle on the Atari Jaguar, the game was very interesting and a combined 2 species of sea battles - is just a strategy for the cells and fight itself through the periscope serving player podgadat movement of enemy sea units
   The whole plot is simple - fight Red vs. Blue , available accommodation card, visually represented in shades of green like a radar monitor, but in fact the channel movement of marine combat units, which is being hit. At the same time there are several types of games:
- International,  or generally accepted in the world, where ships are placed linearly, but can stand next to each other
- Russian or Russian, which ships razmeschyayutsya not only linear, but also at right angles, with 2 koryablya not may come into contact with each other and between them is bound to have one empty cell of the playing field
   Additionally, the game has an active combat mode - hit the enemy missiles through the periscope sight -  of Battle-Mode or mode active naval battle in which you must not only guess the location of a marine vessel, but also physically hit a missile in it through the periscope and guidance system, with the enemy may accelerate the movement of your ship or slow it down
   To better understand the essence of the game available screenshots of it - the title screen, main menu, menu options, gameplay and combat mode

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