New Intellivision Homebrew - Hotel Bunny

Started by TrekMD, April 11, 2015, 04:38:15 AM

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A new game for the Intellivision comes from programmer Sebastian Mihai, Hotel Bunny. Hotel Bunny has the player try to get nine rabbits safely to the titulary hotel, located past a trial of three angry dogs. The control scheme is simple: press the right button (or, the physical Intellivision disc towards the right) to get the bunny hopping towards the hotel. Success is only determined by how well you time the bunny's start.

The game has been developed using IntyBasic. Check out the images below of the game...

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Sort of a horizontal Freeway, with the igloo from Frostbite thrown in for good measure.


Thought I'd update the thread to let everyone know this will be available as a cart-only release for anyone interested.  Info on this thread:  HOTEL BUNNY for the Mattel Intellivision 2017.

Going to the final frontier, gaming...