New Intellivision Hombrew - Towering Inferno

Started by TrekMD, October 01, 2016, 00:40:24 AM

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Atari Age member Kiwi is working on a new homebrew game for the Intellivision inspired by the movie Towering Inferno.  The game, of course, has the same name.  This is still in development but below you'll find a video of what has been accomplished so far.  Check out the development thread here:  Towering Inferno for the Intellivision

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That looks bloody good. Great work.

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Yes it does.  It is a cool concept for the game too. 

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Work has continued on the game.  There's a boss level now.  Here's his latest post:


I added a boss to the final floor of the tower.  And drew a new tileset to use up less GRAM and to be use for the boss's graphic.  I slowed the fire animation speed to 15fps, so I can redefine the boss's graphic every 4 frames.  So that leaves "define alternative" for the survivor's animation for future planning.  Right now I am at 46KB/83KB maximum.  So I want to get the other towers made before adding more animation to the survivor.  And getting harder for me to tell which mapping is getting full.

And the funny thing when I was testing the multiplexing with the boss's sprite.  I after I killed the Flame enemies, they were not able to be killed again after they been spawned.  Earlier in production, I would turn off the interactive bit after they been killed.  So the extinguish animation object wouldn't get picked up by the hardware collision detection as a hit.  So I ported the spawn object routine from my previous project to this one.  Guess I forgot to do.  Yup, forgot to set the interactive bit to 1.  I was going crazy and thinking I ran out of cpu cycles and missing the hardware collision thingy.  Fortuanately, the game engine runs smoothly at 30fps.

Here's the youtube video with the disappearing sprites because the video is converted from 60 to 30 fps. And the helicopter routine with frozen chopper blade.  I could not use GROM $CC, :_( .  Nostagia lets me use the GROM $CC as sprites, but Jzintv and the Intellivision Master Component unit denied my usage. So I made the blade to be loaded into GRAM and it works. 7 MOBs for that helicopter.

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