A late "HELLO!" from me ;)

Started by simoncam, September 03, 2016, 12:02:47 PM

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Hi! I am a member for some time already. But now I realized that actually never properly introduced myself in this forum.
I am Thomas. I am from Austria/Europe.

And I am the creator of the new ATARI ST(e) games LASERBALL 2015 and ANARCHO Ride. (I wanted to add â€" awesome â€" great â€" brilliant â€" … but… hmmmm… ;) )
And as I like others to find my games I tryed to find as much ATARI/Retro communities as possible.

So here comes my history:
The ATARI ST was my first computer back in the day, and when my parents bought it, they wanted me to have a serious computer, not a “stupid game machine”. So as mostly in the German speaking territories, I got my ST with a monochrome high-res screen. And guess what: Without anyone else having and ST and a Monochrome Screen not really great for games, I started to program my own stuff on that damn thing.
Ok, later I got myself a colour monitor. And I continued coding… But time passed by and I switched to the PC World. I lost my interest in coding and lived on my live.

Until 1014.

I was playing around with emulators and started to read out my old floppies. And there it was: My 1991 game “Laserball”. Full of bugs. Full of copyrighted graphics. No Music. Only a few levels. And a hard to understand gameplay. No Fun.
But it was enough to get back my attention. And I carried on, where I left off almost 25 years ago. I made it bigger and better. I kicked out the copyrighted graphics and added Music. I made it a brain-cracking Puzzle game. Lots of fun!
And in 2015 I boxed it for other ATARI Fans to have even more fun.
(Graphics and Artwork by Melanie Schober / Music by xFalcon)

Just at the moment when I thought “that’s it!” I stumbled over another code fragment from 1990. It was not even a game. It was a mathematical experiment. It was a moving street. Nothing else. But again I could not stop myself.
I realized very early, that I can never make my “moving street” into a game that could keep up with the classics of the genre. So I decided to go a different path: I made it the opposite of a racing game. It is â€" as written in the review of MAGGIE 25th - “a racing game to end all sensible racing games.“
Pure fun. No reason.
(Graphics by Alan Garrison Tomkins / Artwork by Melanie Schober / Music by xFalcon)

In other words: I made too games that could hardly be any more different form each other.
When I list the technical specs of the games â€" Level management, Expansion Packs, own script language, graphical level editor, dynamic file linking… some have a hard time to believe that all of it was only done in GFA Basic. The only language that I ever mastered on the only system that I ever mastered.

So have fun playing my games.
They are free!

Btw: I enjoy every question, game review, (YouTube) video or game comment ;)


Very nice intro, simoncam.  Better late than never.  ;)  Looks like your parents got you a real computer that got you into  game programming.  :)

Going to the final frontier, gaming...


Hello and a late welcome :D
Great looking games and interesting history on finishing them. Had fun with Anarcho Ride and will be checking out Laserball soon.


Cracking intro pal. As you know we are great supporters of your work. Long may that continue.

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